Orbital Hydraulic Motors

What are Orbital Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors are rotary Hydraulic Actuators which closely resemble the pumps in construction. These motors are a kind of inner gearing orbit motor on the principle of planetary reduction. There are two forms of distributions: with shaft distribution flow or with disc distribution flow. This product is a simple structure showing good performance under low speed and short time overhauling.

Instead of pushing on the fluid as the pump does as output members in the hydraulic system they are pushed by the fluid and develop torque and continuous rotating motion. Since both inlet and outlet ports may at times be pressurized most hydraulic motors are externally drained. It has great advantages for its small volume, low weight and high output torque. These motors have wide applications in construction engineering, agricultural machinery, transportation, oil or coal miners, adjusting mold in plastic injection molding machine etc.

Orbital Hydraulic Motors Images

Hydraulic Motor EPMZR Hydraulic Motor HM Hydraulic Motor EPMZV Hydraulic Motor EPMZS
     Motor EPMZR      Motor HHMC      Motor EPMZV      Motor EPMZS